IfTA AIC, the innovative control system for active damping of combustion instabilities, also called thermoacoustic instabilities, combustion dynamics, pulsations or humming.

With our product Argus AIC, we offer a highly flexible control system for active damping of self-excited combustion instabilities which can be used in single-burner and multiple-burner arrangements as well as in land-based gas turbines. This innovative technology is based on the tried and tested AIC 300 system which is successfully in operation around the world in large stationary gas turbines of modern combined cycle power plants (CCPP).

> For Data visualization and analysis we offer the software IfTA Trend.


Areas of application:

  • Industrial or stationary gas turbines.
  • Large industrial firing systems, e.g. process gas heaters.

Advantages in comparison to passive measures:

  • Easy upgrade for existing applications.
  • No cost and time intensive altering of the construction of the combustion system is necessary.
  • The efficiency, stability and construction of the combustion system are not negatively affected - no additional losses occur due to the Argus AIC system.
  • Pollutant emissions are even partially reduced, e.g. NOx and unburned fuel/gas.
  • The control is able to adapt to the actual system behaviour and its changes.

Main features:

  • Analysis and recording of up to 16 sensor signals and control of up to 32 actuators.
  • Automatic setting of control parameters.
  • Modular design.
  • Complete integration into the gas turbine control system by digital, analog or field bus interfaces, e.g. Profibus, Modbus, Can-Bus, etc.
IFTA Profibus