IfTA Vibra­tion Meas­ure­ment Tech­no­logy in Use

Identi­fy Dan­ger­ous Vibra­tions Be­fore Damage Oc­curs

Gas and steam tur­bines

Com­bus­tion cham­bers
Rota­tion­al vi­bra­tions
Test benches

Com­bus­tion en­gines

Large-sized en­gines
Test benches
Rota­tion­al vi­bra­tions in power trains

Test benches

Burn­er test­ing
Shaker test benches
Engine test benches
Long-term test­ing

Vibra­tion meas­ure­ment

Vibra­tions in pro­duc­tion lines
Product li­fe­cycle
Long-term meas­ure­ment and stor­age
Pre- and Posttrig­ger
Highly flex­ible meas­ur­ing in­puts
Mobile vi­bra­tion meas­ure­ment

Mod­u­lar Meas­ure­ment Sys­tems Made in Ger­many

Meas­ure­ment, ana­lys­is, mon­it­or­ing, pro­tec­tion

  • Vibra­tion dia­gnos­is in com­bus­tion cham­bers / ro­tors / com­pressors
  • Ac­quis­i­tion, long-term re­cord­ing and eval­u­ation of big data
  • Com­par­is­on of op­er­a­tion­al data and vi­bra­tion data
  • Condi­tion mon­it­or­ing with act­ive re­ac­tion, e.g. op­tim­iz­a­tion or pro­tec­tion shut­down
  • For sta­tion­ary and mo­bile ap­plic­a­tions

To en­sure a long and ef­fi­cient op­er­a­tion of your ma­chines and sys­tems.

IfTA Products

One plat­form - many pos­sib­il­it­ies

All IfTA product solu­tions are based on the IfTA plat­form con­sist­ing of hard­ware, soft­ware and sensor com­pon­ents. If you know ex­actly what you need, you can choose your in­di­vidu­al IfTA solu­tion from our mod­u­lar sys­tem. Al­tern­at­ively you will find IfTA pre-con­figured sys­tems that can be fur­ther ad­ap­ted to your re­quire­ments.


Hard­ware for re­cord­ing, stor­ing and out­put­ting sig­nals/data.


Soft­ware for re­cord­ing, stor­ing and ana­lyz­ing data.

Sensor Tech­no­logy

Meas­ure­ment chain: High tem­per­at­ure sensors, cables, charge amp­li­fi­er and sig­nal gen­er­at­or.


For me, IfTA is a com­pany with pro­found know­ledge, which re­acts flex­ibly to my needs as a cus­tom­er and a part­ner you can work with very well.   

Claus Grewe, Seni­or Key Ex­pert, Siemens AG


Dis­cov­er our Univer­sal Sys­tem Solu­tions

Pre­con­figured sys­tems, in­di­vidu­ally ad­apt­able


The field-proven mon­it­or­ing & pro­tec­tion sys­tem for sta­tion­ary long-term use.

IfTA Dyn­aMaster

The meas­ure­ment and test sys­tem for flex­ible use.

IfTA SmartPro­tect

The cost-ef­fect­ive pro­tect­ive shut­down sys­tem for your fa­cil­it­ies.


The damp­ing sys­tem for your com­bus­tion dy­nam­ics.

Data Col­lec­tion and Ana­lys­is: The Basis for In­dustry 4.0

The col­lec­tion of data and the cor­res­pond­ing ana­lys­is form the basis for In­dustry 4.0. The data re­quired de­pends on the ap­plic­a­tion, but the goal re­mains the same: to col­lect as much valu­able in­form­a­tion as pos­sible and eval­u­ate it mean­ing­fully in order to im­ple­ment im­prove­ments in the pro­cess.


The bet­ter you know your ma­chines, the more op­tim­iz­a­tions are pos­sible.

In­ter­ested in Meet­ing with Us?

Messtec + Sensor Masters 2017

March 31, - April 1, 2020 | SI-Cen­trum | Stut­tgart | Ger­many | Booth No. 1D

Trade Fair for Meas­ure­ment & Sensor Tech­no­logy

June 22 - 26, 2020| ExCeL Lon­don Con­ven­tion Center| Lon­don Eng­land

Turbo Machinery Tech­nic­al Con­fer­ence & Ex­pos­i­tion

June 23 - 25, 2020 | Expo Nurem­berg | IfTA booth 1-609

In­ter­na­tion­al trade fair for sensors, meas­ur­ing and test­ing tech­no­lo­gies

Your Bene­fits with IfTA Solu­tions

Pro­cess Op­tim­iz­a­tion

Sys­tem Safety

En­ergy Ef­fi­ciency

In­crease in Profit

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IfTA - Cer­ti­fied Qu­al­ity

safe & sus­tain­able

  • Owner-man­aged com­pany with more than 20 years of ex­per­i­ence
  • Spe­cial­ist for com­bus­tion dy­nam­ics as well as rotor dy­nam­ics, e.g. in tur­boma­chinery
  • In-house de­vel­op­ment & pro­duc­tion of hard- and soft­ware
  • Close co­oper­a­tion with in­ter­na­tion­al re­search in­sti­tutes
  • Qu­al­ity man­age­ment ac­cord­ing to ISO 9001:2015

Bene­fit from Over 20 Years of Ex­pert­ise

We sup­port you with com­pet­ent ser­vice and Con­sult­ing


IfTA at­taches great im­port­ance to in-house re­search & de­vel­op­ment and re­search co­oper­a­tion.

Vibra­tion Dia­gnostics

With more than 20 years of best prac­tice, IfTA ac­com­pan­ies you with in­dustry-spe­cif­ic ex­pert­ise.

Cus­tomer Ser­vice

Ini­tial op­er­a­tion, up­dates & up­grades, re­pairs & ser­vice, main­ten­ance con­tracts & soft­ware main­ten­ance.


Our IfTA ex­perts pass on their know­ledge about vi­bra­tion meas­ure­ment tech­no­logy.