With the Charge Generator, IfTA's new function- and charge generator, IfTA presents an extremely compact and versatile simulator for testing piezoelectric measuring chains.

The handy device, which measures 33 x 150 x 107 mm (H x W x L) and weighs around 270 grams, can simulate piezoelectric pressure and acceleration sensors or provide voltage signals.

The new Charge Generator to measure the measuring chain

It features signal frequencies from 1 Hz to 20 kHz and amplitudes of 0 to 1,000 pC (charge) and 0 to 1,000 mV (voltage), in 0.1 pC or 0,1 mV increments respectively. In addition to sinusoidal waveforms, the simulator also offers asymmetrical waveforms for polarity checks. Transfer characteristics can also be determined by means of the synchronous voltage output. Due to its high accuracy, ± 0.003 % ± 1,5 mHz for frequency as well as +/- 0.5% for charge and +/- 0.1% for voltage, the IfTA function- and charge generator can also be used for calibration purposes. The IfTA charge generator has a 2.7-inch display, an intuitive user interface and is powered by 4 x AA batteries. It features both Lemo and BNC connectors for charge output, and a BNC output for voltage.

Key advantages:

Quick and efficient test of measuring chains

Compact and lightweight design, network-independent batterie power and user friendly operation save important time during commissioning.

Measure transfer characteristics

With the synchronized voltage output the transfer characteristics of the charge measuring chain can be identified easily.

Find and avoid errors effectively

Functioning and well calibrated measuring chains are the basis for failure-free operation of test benches, engines and industrial plants. The Charge Generator ensures this from the beginning and helps to identify the causes of errors quickly in case of errors.


Power Supply 4x AA battery
Dimensions 33 x 150 x 107 (H x W x L in mm)
Weight 271 g (without batteries)
Connectors LEMO 0S.302 > Differential charge out
BNC female > Single-ended charge out
USB-B receptable > Maintenance
BNC female > Voltage out

Frequency and amplitude range

Frequency 1-20 kHz in 0.1 Hz
Charge 0-1000 pCAMP in 0.1 pC
Voltage 0-1000 mVAMP in 0.1 mV


The Charge Generator is delivered in a handy transportation case which also fits the optionally available adaptor cables:

  • Lemo 0S.302 - 7/16-27 UNS-2A
  • Lemo 0S.302 - wire-end-sleeves
  • BNC - M4 x 0.35
  • BNC - 10-32 UNF (Microdot) (included with Charge Generator)

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