Out­stand­ing Per­form­ance in Award-Win­ning Design

The port­able meas­ure­ment & ana­lys­is sys­tem IfTA Dyn­aGo was hon­oured with the Red Dot Award for ous­tand­ing design qual­ity!


In March 2020 the port­able vi­bra­tion meas­ure­ment sys­tem IfTA Dyn­aGo was hon­oured with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 for out­stand­ing product design. 

IfTA Dyn­aGo is ideal for mo­bile meas­ure­ment ap­plic­a­tions on ma­chines and plants - it con­tains the es­sen­tial func­tions of the well-known IfTA Dyn­aMaster sys­tem in a light and com­pact way. With four highly flex­ible meas­ur­ing in­puts, it is the right choice even for de­mand­ing meas­ure­ment tasks. The in­teg­rated real-time pro­cessing already al­lows first ana­lys­is dur­ing the meas­ure­ment. The award-win­ning IfTA TrendView­er soft­ware is avail­able for on­line and off­line visu­al­iz­a­tion.

Product High­lights:

  • Flex­ible, user se­lect­able ana­log input chan­nels for: Voltage, cur­rent, IEPE, charge and strain gauges
  • Real-time data pro­cessing
  • Ana­lys­is and visu­al­iz­a­tion with the ana­lys­is soft­ware IfTA TrendViewer
  • Ro­bust alu­min­um hous­ing

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