1st place for the IfTA Laser Tacho­met­er LMM2 - we are very happy!

The laser ta­cho­met­er LMM2 - has won this year's messtec + sensor mas­ters’ award in the cat­egory meas­ure­ment tech­no­logy. We thank every­one who voted for us in the on­line elec­tion.

On 28.09.2021 our man­age­ment, Dr. Jakob Her­mann and Dr. Robert Wid­hopf-Fenk, ac­cep­ted the award per­son­ally at the fair in Böblin­gen, Ger­many. The LMM2 was honored for its high flex­ib­il­ity, pre­ci­sion, and in­sens­it­iv­ity to in­ter­fer­ence. Among other things, it is highly suit­able for the meas­ure­ment of tor­sion­al vi­bra­tions.


The Laser Tacho­met­er IfTA LMM2

The new laser ta­cho­met­er IfTA LMM2 (Laser Meas­ure­ment Mod­ule) is a fiber-optic sensor that can be used in com­bin­a­tion with an IfTA meas­ure­ment sys­tem among other things for non-con­tact meas­ure­ment of ro­ta­tion­al speed, an­gu­lar ve­lo­city and vi­bra­tion angle on ro­tors and shafts.

The meas­ure­ment prin­ciple, which is based on op­tic­al re­flec­tion, is car­ried out using a gear en­coder or zebra tape at­tached to the ro­tat­ing shaft. The high band­width and nar­row focus of the laser mean max­im­um pre­ci­sion. The sensor head con­sists of a single fiber optic cable and can there­fore be placed even in loc­a­tions that are dif­fi­cult to ac­cess.  We offer the sensor either as an input mod­ule for IfTA meas­ure­ment sys­tems or in its own hous­ing.

Product in­form­a­tion Laser Tacho­met­er IfTA LMM2