Measure rotational vibrations precisely and protect machinery with the award-winning IfTA High Speed Timer AT2.

The new two-channel AT2 module extends the modular IfTA ArgusOMDS and DynaMaster systems with highly flexible fast timer inputs. Angle-related evaluations of rotational or torsional vibration analysis become possible - in real time. Based on this, machines can be protected and shut down to prevent damage. At the same time the high speed timer AT2 supports the 24/7 data storage and analysis in the software IfTA Trend.

Practical applications are among others:

  • Monitoring of torsional vibrations in turbo sets
  • Analysis of torsional vibration in power trains
  • Measurement of p-V-diagram of compressors or cylinder pressure indication

Measure torsional vibration precisely and protect machinery

The High Speed Timer IfTA AT2 is available for the modular measurement systems IfTA ArgusOMDS and IfTA DynaMaster. This means decisive benefits in the field of torsional vibration:

  • Autonomous long-term machine monitoring
  • Gathering valuable information from big data
  • Reacting in real time to analysis results, e.g. with triggered storage or protective shutdown
  • Finding and eliminating errors fast by combining vibration measurements and operating data

Key advantages:

Direct input of sensor signals

The high resistance internal TTL conversion enables the direct input of sensors that generate impulses(e.g. hall probes, photodiodes, inductive distance sensors and others). This means that external processing electronics are no longer required.

High resolution time

The highly accurate electronics record impulse time stamps fast and precisely up to 100MHz and as such allows an accurate measurement of the torsional vibration amplitudes.

Long-term data storage and machine protection

The IfTA platform enables long-term or triggered data storage and a reaction to torsional vibration events in real time, for example, to protect machinery.

IfTA AT2 module has 2 input channels and is available for IfTA ArgusOMDS Monitoring and Protection System and for IfTA DynaMaster.

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