Our dynamic measurement system: flexible, innovative, modular. Symplify your measurement.

The new IfTA DynaMaster data-acquisition and analysis system is a complete solution that saves you a considerable amount of development work. All IfTA systems follow this principle of beneficial usability and stand for stability, robustness and reliability. IfTA DynaMaster is based on our proven technology, which is being used in gas turbines and power plants around the world.
You get hardware and software from the same reliable source. With IfTA DynaMaster's coordinated components, you measure the complex simply better:


Advantage 1:
The new FleXense technology in the AD4Pro.

The AD4Pro measurement module provides voltage- and current measurement, charge amplifiers, preamplifiers and bridge circuits for strain gauge and Kulites, as well as IEPE power supply for each of its 4 inputs.

Advantage 2:
Modular design with integrated SlotPC.

IfTA DynaMaster offers online data analysis and storage in two expandable modular housing options. With 4 or even 11 module slots, you can use a variety of cards from our portfolio.

Advantage 3:
The innovative visualization and analysis software Trend.

Intuitive operation, clear visualization, processing of online and off-line data, as well as simple, multi-functional off-line data analysis including a variety of powerful plots.

Der IFTA DynaMaster Ist ein Abgerundetes Paket aus Hard- und Softwarekomponenten

Advantage 1: IfTA AD4Pro with FleXense technology

AD4Pro bietet FleXense Technologie für flexibelste Inputs

FleXense technology

01 Voltage

02 Current


04 Charge

05 Strain gauge

06 Kulite

Individually configurable in software

4 inputs with 6  signal modes each: FleXense technology simplifies your measurement setup.

The new IfTA AD4Pro measurement module has four input channels with FleXense technology. Dynamic signals can be sampled at up to 51.2 kHz in true 24 bit quality.

Developed on the basis of feedback from our users, FleXense provides precision and flexibility.

pdfLearn more about IfTA AD4Pro

Advantage 2: The modular Design

The IfTA DynaMaster System consists of a modular case (combinable with different measurement cards i.e. AD4Pro) an integrated IfTA SlotPC and our data analysis software IfTA Trend.

Depending on housing size, either 4 or 11 analog and digital input cards can be used. Of course, modules can also be added later. Start with the basics and grow with your needs.

Das IFTA DynaMaster System ist in 2 Größen verfügbar: 4 oder 11 Slots

The following modules are available:



4 fast, synchronous analog inputs (voltage, current and optionally, IEPE); sampling rate up to 51.2 kHz

IfTA DigIn16

IfTA DigIn16

16 digital inputs; sampling rate up to 50 Hz



4 fast, synchronous analog inputs (voltage, current and optionally, IEPE); sampling rate up to 51.2 kHz



32 analog inputs for slower processes; sampling rate up to 50 Hz


For monitoring, protection and control applications, we recommend upgrading to our IfTA OMDS® or IfTA AIC® systems. These systems offer analog and digital output modules as well as a Profibus module.


Advantage 3: IfTA Trend 

IfTA Trend is full of advantages: multifunctional measurement-data analysis with intuitive operability and powerful visualization. Online and off-line analysis of your data are united in a single program. The ability to process large data sets is another strength. This software is an integral part of IfTA DynaMaster.
New users immediately benefit from the intuitive graphical user interface. The software's productive method of operation allows you to focus on your core tasks, a benefit that our long-standing customers particularly appreciate.

> Learn more about the data analysis tool IFTA Trend.