Se­cure and Cost-Ef­fect­ive Pro­tec­tion

SmartPro­tect: The pro­tect­ive func­tion for your ma­chinery

The IfTA SmartPro­tect sys­tem is de­signed for pure pro­tec­tion func­tions, but without the data re­cord­ing and dia­gnostics of the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem. It is ideal for cost-ef­fect­ive pro­tec­tion of in­stall­a­tions where ex­tens­ive data ana­lys­is and long-term data re­cord­ing are not re­quired.

If ne­ces­sary, dia­gnostics and data re­cord­ing for short- and long-term use can be eas­ily ret­ro­fit­ted to an IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem at any time.

  • Meas­ure­ment
  • Ana­lys­is
  • Mon­it­or­ing
  • Pro­tec­tion
  • Simple in­teg­ra­tion into ex­ist­ing con­trol sys­tems (field­bus, ana­log, di­git­al)
  • Crit­ic­al op­er­at­ing states are avoided and im­port­ant para­met­ers are sig­nalled to the con­trol room
  • Pure pro­tec­tion - without data re­cord­ing and dia­gnostics
  • Field of ap­plic­a­tion: Small plants and gas tur­bines; the focus is on pro­tect­ive func­tions
  • Up­grade­able with ana­lys­is and re­cord­ing func­tion for short- or long-term use
  • Op­tion­al with thermo-acous­tic early warn­ing sys­tem IfTA PreCurs­or

What Makes SmartPro­tect Unique?

Ad­vant­ages of the Pro­tec­tion Sys­tem

  • Cost-ef­fect­ive pro­tec­tion solu­tion for ap­plic­a­tions that do not re­quire data re­cord­ing
  • FFT-based sig­nal pro­cessing provides max­im­um flex­ib­il­ity
  • Mon­it­or up to 25 fre­quency bands per chan­nel
  • Early warn­ing sys­tem IfTA PreCurs­or for com­bus­tion os­cil­la­tions op­tion­ally avail­able
  • Data serv­er is up­grade­able to full IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem for long-term stor­age and data ana­lys­is with IfTA TrendView­er. This up­grade can be tem­por­ary or per­man­ent as re­quired
  • Risk min­im­iz­a­tion through rapid reg­u­la­tion and in­ter­ven­tion be­fore dam­age oc­curs
  • Autonom­ous long-term mon­it­or­ing: In the event of a power fail­ure, the sys­tem auto­mat­ic­ally re­starts and con­tin­ues its pro­tect­ive func­tion
  • Highly flex­ible in­puts such as in AD4Pro
  • SmartPro­tect is based on a di­git­al sig­nal pro­cessor (DSP) and thus en­sures 24/7 un­dis­turbed op­er­a­tion, which is a pre­requis­ite for real-time cap­able pro­tec­tion sys­tems

The Cost-Ef­fect­ive Solu­tion for Dy­nam­ic Phenom­ena

The IfTA SmartPro­tect sys­tem is de­signed for the con­trol or pro­tec­tion shut­down of the fol­low­ing com­pon­ents:


  • Com­bus­tion cham­bers
  • Ro­tors
  • Com­pressors
  • Blades
  • Gear­box/Bear­ings
  • Engines

The cost-ef­fect­ive IfTA SmartPro­tect sys­tem is used when no data re­cord­ing func­tion­al­ity is re­quired.

A typ­ic­al scen­ario: Our cus­tom­er has sev­er­al identic­al sys­tems in use. One of the sys­tems is mon­itored and ana­lyzed 24/7 by an IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem. If cer­tain limit val­ues are ex­ceeded, the ma­chine/plant is auto­mat­ic­ally in­terfered with. If an­oth­er ma­chine of the same design is used, it is there­fore not ab­so­lutely ne­ces­sary to equip it with data re­cord­ing as well. A pro­tect­ive switch-off when the limit value is ex­ceeded is suf­fi­cient and no­tice­ably more cost-ef­fect­ive.

Per­fectly Matched Com­pon­ents in the SmartPro­tect Sys­tem


Flex­ible in­­­puts/out­­­puts

  • Dy­­­nam­ic sig­n­als can be re­­­cor­ded with the AD4, AD4IEPE and AD4Pro input mod­­­ules
  • For slower sig­n­als, the AD32 input mod­­­ule is avail­­­able
  • For tor­­­­­sion­al vi­bra­­­tions the input mod­­­ule AT2 is avail­­­able
  • Input mod­­­ules can be up­­­­­graded at any time and thus en­­­­­able the ac­quis­i­­­tion of a wide var­i­ety of data

Sim­pli­fied in­­teg­ra­­tion

  • The SmartPro­tect sys­tem is based upon a mod­­u­lar hard- and soft­ware ar­chi­tec­ture. Such flex­ib­il­ity al­lows to adapt meas­ure­­ment, ana­lys­is and mon­it­or­ing to vary­ing ma­chine types and cus­tom­er spe­­ci­f­ic ap­plic­a­­tions
  • Simple com­mu­n­ic­a­­tion with the con­­trol sys­tems, whet­h­­er ana­­log or di­­git­­al. By trans­mit­t­ing all mon­itored para­­met­ers, the con­­trol sys­tem of the ma­chine pre­vents crit­ic­al op­er­­at­ing states
  • With the Profib­us mod­­ule, the sys­tem can be eas­ily in­­teg­rated into field­bus en­­vir­on­­ments. Two re­­dun­d­ant bus in­­ter­­­faces en­­sure high re­li­­ab­il­ity

Real-time pro­tec­tion

  • The di­­git­­al sig­n­al pro­­cessor provid­es a real-time sig­n­al ana­lys­is and re­­sponse. In con­­trast to Win­­dows-based solu­­tions, this en­­­ables the pro­­cess­ing of al­gorithms/ana­lys­is/cal­cu­la­­tions and sig­nal­ing re­­quired in in­­­dus­tri­al en­­vir­on­­ments for real-time pro­tec­­tion sys­tems
  • If you do not re­­quire a real-time pro­tec­­tion fun­c­­tion, we re­­com­­mend the meas­ure­ment sys­tem IfTA Dyn­­aMaster


Ad­vant­age of SmartPro­tect: Pro­tect ma­chinery cost-ef­fect­ively - grow as needed:
For the fol­low­ing re­­quire­­ments we re­­com­­mend an up­­­grade to the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem:

  • To ana­lyze data with IfTA TrendView­er
  • To re­cord data 24/7
    If you only want to re­cord data tem­por­ar­ily, e.g. for com­mis­sion­ing a plant, then an IfTA SmartPro­tect sys­tem can be tem­por­ar­ily ex­ten­ded to the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem by adding an IfTA SlotPC