Vibra­tion Meas­ure­ment with Argus Eyes
NEW: In­teg­rated Tem­per­at­ure Mon­it­or­ing

Ar­gusOMDS: Mon­it­or­ing and Pro­tec­tion Sys­tem for your Ap­plic­a­tion

If meas­ured vari­ables such as tem­per­at­ure, pres­sure, speed, etc. can no longer cap­ture the cur­rent state of a com­bus­tion or a ro­tat­ing sys­tem with suf­fi­cient ac­cur­acy, then the only way is to lit­er­ally take a look through "X-ray glasses" - in other words, to identi­fy highly com­plex vi­bra­tion pat­terns.

This is the fast­est way to identi­fy sub­op­tim­al sys­tem man­age­ment or ma­chine util­iz­a­tion. You can­not pro­tect your tech­no­logy even more ef­fi­ciently against over­load/un­der­load and harm­ful events. The Argus Os­cil­la­tion Mon­it­or­ing Dia­gnost­ic Sys­tem (Ar­gusOMDS) is a gen­er­ic solu­tion for dy­nam­ic vi­bra­tion phe­nom­ena. This means: Sim­ul­tan­eous ac­quis­i­tion and eval­u­ation of vi­bra­tion and op­er­at­ing data.  

  • Meas­ure­ment
  • Ana­lys­is
  • Mon­it­or­ing
  • Pro­tec­tion
  • Simple in­teg­ra­tion into ex­ist­ing con­trol sys­tems (field­bus, ana­log, di­git­al)
  • Crit­ic­al op­er­at­ing states are avoided and im­port­ant para­met­ers are sig­nalled to the con­trol room
  • On­line visu­al­iz­a­tion on mul­tiple cli­ent PCs
  • Real-time cap­able pro­tec­tion and con­trol func­tions
  • Univer­sal ap­plic­a­tions: Sta­tion­ary gas tur­bines, com­bus­tion cham­bers, turbo sets, test benches, com­pressors, blades, gears, bear­ings, mo­tors
  • Com­mon ap­plic­a­tions: Com­bus­tion vi­bra­tions, tor­sion­al, struc­tur­al, rotor & shaft vi­bra­tions
  • Op­tion­ally with ther­moacous­tic early warn­ing sys­tem IfTA PreCurs­or

What makes Ar­gusOMDS unique?

Ad­vant­ages of the mon­it­or­ing and pro­tec­tion sys­tem

  • Proven pro­tec­tion concept for max­im­um sys­tem safety
  • 24/7 for sev­er­al years re­cord­ing of meas­ure­ment and op­er­at­ing data through in­tel­li­gent ag­greg­a­tion (gloss­ary) and stor­age of com­pressed data
  • In­teg­rated ana­lys­is soft­ware IfTA TrendView­er for real-time visu­al­iz­a­tion of meas­ure­ment res­ults and sim­ul­tan­eous ana­lys­is (live ana­lys­is dur­ing meas­ure­ment)
  • In­form­at­ive il­lus­tra­tion of fre­quency spec­tra of long-term meas­ure­ments as spec­tro­gram - from a bird's eye view
  • Flex­ible trig­ger man­age­ment (in­tern­al/ex­tern­al source) to store spe­cif­ic meas­ure­ment points
  • Early warn­ing sys­tem for com­bus­tion dy­nam­ics avail­able
  • Ef­fi­cient iden­ti­fic­a­tion of ir­reg­u­lar long-term phe­nom­ena through soph­ist­ic­ated long-term data stor­age con­cepts
  • Autonom­ous long-term mon­it­or­ing: In the event of power fail­ure, the sys­tem re­starts auto­mat­ic­ally and con­tin­ues to re­cord data re­li­ably
  • Risk min­im­iz­a­tion through fast reg­u­la­tion and in­ter­ven­tion be­fore dam­age oc­curs
  • Highly flex­ible input cards, such as AD4pro
  • The pro­tec­tion in the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem is based on an PC-in­de­pend­ent di­git­al sig­nal pro­cessor (DSP) and thus en­sures 24/7 un­dis­turbed op­er­a­tion - pre­con­di­tion for real-time cap­able pro­tec­tion sys­tems

The Gen­er­ic Solu­tion for Dy­nam­ic Phenom­ena

The IfTA Ar­gusOMDS has been de­veloped es­pe­cially for the mon­it­or­ing and vi­bra­tion ana­lys­is of the fol­low­ing com­pon­ents:


  • Com­bus­tion cham­bers
  • Ro­tors
  • Com­pressors
  • Blades
  • Gear­boxes/Bear­ings
  • Engines

It is pre­destined for small and large sta­tion­ary gas tur­bines, steam tur­bine gen­er­at­or sets and other com­pon­ents used in the in­dustry and in power plants. Thanks to the op­tim­al co­ordin­a­tion of hard­ware and soft­ware, the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS is easy to op­er­ate. Dy­nam­ic data and op­er­at­ing data are re­cor­ded sim­ul­tan­eously. This as­sures an un­com­plic­ated as­sign­ment of the vi­bra­tion to the ap­pro­pri­ate op­er­at­ing points. Con­sequently, the cause can be eas­ily cla­ri­fied in con­text. Continu­ous and ef­fi­cient data re­cord­ing en­ables un­fore­seen events to be eval­u­ated at a later point in time: A fur­ther ad­vant­age when identi­fy­ing causes and find­ing solu­tions. The IfTA Ar­gusOMDS also of­fers sim­ul­tan­eous on­line visu­al­iz­a­tion of all data on sev­er­al cli­ent PCs.

Re­fer­ence Pro­tec­tion Sys­tem - IfTA Ar­gusOMDS

Siemens Energy CEC (Clean Energy Center)

Siemens en­ergy, Ber­lin, Clean En­ergy Test Center

Products in use: Ar­gusOMDS Sys­tem, DA8 out­put card, ana­lys­is soft­ware TrendView­er

Siemens En­ergy op­er­ates an ultra-mod­ern test cen­ter, the Clean En­ergy Center (CEC) near Ber­lin. There, gas-tur­bine com­bus­tors are run­ning under real­ist­ic con­di­tions. In order to learn from these test meas­ure­ments the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem is in place:

  • Flex­ib­il­ity and ef­fi­ciency on the test-bench
  • Con­sol­id­a­tion of all data streams from dif­fer­ent sources allow the ana­lys­is of
    com­plex re­la­tion­ships
  • Up to 10 test en­gin­eers can mon­it­or on­line data streams at the same time

Practic­al Ap­plic­a­tion IfTA Ar­gusOMDS

 Mon­it­or­ing of com­bus­tion dy­nam­ics

Per­fectly Matched Com­pon­ents in the Ar­gusOMDS Sys­tem


Flex­ible in­puts/out­puts

  • Flex­ible com­bin­a­tion of dif­fer­ent IfTA input and out­put mod­ules, ana­log or di­git­al
  • Dy­nam­ic sig­nals can be re­cor­ded with the AD4, AD4IEPE and AD4Pro input mod­ules
  • For slower sig­nals, the AD32 input mod­ule is avail­able
  • For tor­sion­al vi­bra­tions the input mod­ule AT2 is avail­able
  • For tem­per­at­ure meas­ure­ments the input mod­ule l TI4 is avail­able
  • Input mod­ules can be up­graded at any time and thus en­able ac­quis­i­tion of a wide vari­ety of data
  • Pro­tec­tion tasks can be handled with our out­put mod­ules RelOut16 and DA8. The DA8 out­put mod­ule can provide sensor sig­nals as buf­fered out­puts for other sys­tems

Sim­pli­fied in­teg­ra­tion

  • The IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem is based upon a mod­u­lar hard- and soft­ware ar­chi­tec­ture. Such flex­ib­il­ity al­lows to adapt meas­ure­ment, ana­lys­is and mon­it­or­ing to vary­ing ma­chine types and cus­tom­er spe­cif­ic ap­plic­a­tions
  • Simple com­mu­nic­a­tion with con­trol sys­tems, wheth­er ana­log or di­git­al. By trans­mit­ting all mon­itored para­met­ers, the con­trol sys­tem of the ma­chine pre­vents crit­ic­al op­er­at­ing states
  • With the Profib­us mod­ule, the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem can be eas­ily in­teg­rated into field­bus en­vir­on­ments. Two re­dund­ant bus in­ter­faces en­sure high re­li­ab­il­ity
  • Cur­rent status and mon­it­or­ing vari­ables for con­trol rooms and other sys­tems are provided via OPC

Real-time Pro­tec­tion

  • The heart of the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem is the DSP (di­git­al sig­nal pro­cessor) provid­ing a real-time sig­nal ana­lys­is and re­sponse. In con­trast to Win­dows-based solu­tions, this en­ables the pro­cessing of al­gorithms/ana­lys­is/cal­cu­la­tions and sig­nal­ing, which is re­quired in in­dus­tri­al en­vir­on­ments for real-time pro­tec­tion sys­tems
  • Op­tim­ized al­gorithms en­sure short ana­lys­is times and live visu­al­iz­a­tion with the in­teg­rated ana­lys­is soft­ware IfTA TrendView­er
  • If you do not re­quire a real-time pro­tec­tion func­tion, we re­com­mend the meas­ure­ment sys­tem IfTA Dyn­aMaster

In­teg­rated data ana­lys­is

  • The ana­lys­is soft­ware IfTA TrendView­er is an in­teg­ral part of the IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem
  • On- and off­line ana­lys­is in one pro­gram
  • In­tu­it­ive op­er­a­tion
  • Power­ful visu­al­iz­a­tion
  • High-per­form­ance large scale data pro­cessing
  • The ad­vant­age of using IfTA Ar­gusOMDS sys­tem and IfTA TrendView­er in com­bin­a­tion is a vari­ety of pre-cal­cu­lated data: Most im­port­ant ex­ample is the fre­quency spec­tra cal­cu­lated live per chan­nel with up to 6400 lines