Li­cense Models of the Ana­lys­is Soft­ware IfTA TrendView­er

All ver­sions of IfTA TrendView­er are able to pro­cess the data of the IfTA sys­tems. The basic ver­sion sup­ports off­line data sources (ADF files). On­line data sources (IfTA DataHub) are offered as an ad­di­tion­al li­cense. Depend­ing on the li­cense, data in other formats (ASCII,  Mat­lab) can also be im­por­ted and ex­por­ted. Your ad­vant­age - Start with a small li­cense and ex­tend it later as needed.

The Key to the Li­cense

li­cense serv­er

Li­cense can be re­trieved from any work­sta­tion in the net­work. A serv­er man­ages the li­cense pool. Thanks to the "Float­ing User Li­cense" sev­er­al users can share one li­cense al­tern­ately. Li­censes that are needed often and in par­al­lel can be held mul­tiple times and those that are needed less often can be held only once.


Li­cense is re­trieved from a USB dongle. Ideal if you want to share the li­cense with col­leagues or work on dif­fer­ent com­puters.


Li­cense is re­trieved from a file and is tied to a work­sta­tion and user.

Basic Li­censes for IfTA TrendView­er

You have the pos­sib­il­ity to start with a cost-ef­fect­ive se­lec­tion of basic li­censes and can ex­tend these at any time against the pur­chase of fur­ther basic or ad­di­tion­al li­censes. If you wish to up­grade, an up­date li­cense will be sent to you con­veni­ently by e-mail.

TrendView­er Basic
  • Basic Ver­sion

For the visu­al­iz­a­tion and ana­lys­is of op­er­at­ing data and dy­nam­ic pro­cess vari­ables:

  • Plots for the visu­al­iz­a­tion/eval­u­ation of meas­ure­ment data & op­er­at­ing data over time (trend plot)
  • Docu­ment tem­plates
  • One time curs­or
  • ADF and ASCII data im­port
TrendView­er Ad­vanced
  • Fre­quency ana­lyses

For simple ana­lyses where fre­quency ana­lyses are ne­ces­sary in ad­di­tion to time ana­lyses:

  • Ad­di­tion­al List-Plot, LED-Plot and Spec­trum-Plot
  • Se­cond time curs­or to com­pare two points in time
  • ASCII data ex­port
  • Log­ar­ithmic axes and user-defined grid lines
TrendView­er Ex­pert C
  • Long-term ana­lyses
  • Com­bus­tion dy­nam­ics

For long-term ana­lyses in the fre­quency do­main, es­pe­cially for com­bus­tion dy­nam­ics:

  • Radar plot and XY plot
  • In­tens­ity plot over time (spec­tro­gram) and in­tens­ity plot over other sig­nal (Camp­bell plot)
  • Fre­quency curs­or with switch­able har­mon­ic curs­ors
TrendView­er Ex­pert R
  • Long-term ana­lyses
  • Rotor dy­nam­ics

For the ana­lys­is of rotor dy­nam­ics with ad­di­tion­al plots com­pared to "Ex­pert C":

  • Bode plot
  • Nyquist plot
  • Orbit plot
  • Shaft Cen­ter­line plot

The All-in-one Pack­age

TrendView­er Ex­pert CR
  • Ex­pert C
  • Ex­pert R

Full ver­sion, which in­cludes all fea­tures of Ex­pert C and Ex­pert R.

Com­par­is­on of IfTA TrendView­er Basic Li­censes

FeatureBasicAd­vancedEx­pert CEx­pert REx­pert CR
  Pre­defined doc­u­ments (pre­defined plot ar­range­ment)
  Data source ex­plorer with tree view
  Power­ful sig­nal fil­ter func­tion­al­ity
  Prop­erty ed­it­or
  Drag and drop for sig­nal to plot as­sign­ment
  Mul­tiple doc­u­ments in par­al­lel opened
  Edit doc­u­ments (user defined plot ar­range­ment)
  ADF im­port
  ASCII im­port
  ASCII ex­port
  Copy plot, data and doc­u­ments to clip board
Plot ad­just­ment/ma­nip­u­la­tion
  Ad­justable line and point style (col­our, width, etc.)
  Sig­nal high­light­ing (by click on le­gend la­bels)
  Mul­tiple axes per plot
  One axis for sig­nals with the same unit and range
  Sig­nal le­gend
  Power­ful axis con­fig­ur­a­tion
  In­ter­act­ive zoom (plot and axis)
  In­ter­act­ive shift­ing (plot and axis)
  Axis group­ing for sev­er­al plots/doc­u­ments
  Hide axis and la­bels
  Log­ar­ithmic axis scal­ing
  Grid lines
  User defined grid lines
  Peak mark­er
Curs­ors and value la­bels
  Time curs­or
  Value la­bels for curs­or po­s­i­tion
  Se­cond time curs­or
  Se­cond value la­bels for curs­or po­s­i­tion
  Two fre­quency curs­ors
  Har­mon­ic fre­quency curs­or
Plot types
  Title/Text ele­ment
  Trend plot (in­cludes Boolean & Wave­form plot)
  Pic­ture ele­ment
  List plot
  LED plot
  Radar plot
  Spec­trum plot (in­cludes Array plot)
  XY plot
  In­tens­ity plot versus time (e.g. Spec­tro­gram)
  In­tens­ity plot versus sig­nal (e.g. Camp­bell plot)
  Orbit plot
  Bode plot
  Nyquist plot
  Shaft Cen­ter­line plot

Ad­di­tion­al Li­censes for IfTA TrendView­er

In the case that you already pos­sess a basic li­cense, you can choose from the fol­low­ing ad­di­tion­al li­censes as re­quired. We will send you the li­cense up­date con­veni­ently by e-mail.

On­line con­nec­tion
  • AddOn

To per­form live ana­lys­is and mon­it­or­ing:

  • Con­nec­tion to on­line data sources
  • Mul­tiple par­al­lel con­nec­tions to one or dif­fer­ent sys­tems
  • Save data to file with one click
  • Re­cord­ing data con­tinu­ously in files
  • AddOn

Ex­tens­ive lib­rary of cal­cu­la­tion func­tions for cre­at­ing new user-defined sig­nals that can be cal­cu­lated off­line and on­line in IfTA TrendView­er. In­clud­ing:

  • Arith­met­ic basic op­er­a­tions, stat­ist­ics
  • Fil­ter (FIR/IIR)
  • FFT and wave­let trans­form­a­tion
  • Order ana­lys­is and cor­rel­a­tion ana­lys­is

As well as many more.

Mat­lab im­port & ex­port
  • AddOn

To ex­change data between TrendView­er and MATLAB:

  • Mat­lab ex­port
  • Mat­lab im­port

Cus­tomer-spe­cif­ic Devel­op­ments and Cus­tom­iz­a­tions

In case you miss a cer­tain fea­ture or need spe­cial in­ter­faces, we can eas­ily in­teg­rate them into IfTA TrendView­er, be­cause this ap­plic­a­tion is main­tained by our in-house de­velopers.

Some ex­amples for cus­tom­iz­a­tion:

  • Im­port of cus­tom­er-spe­cif­ic file formats
  • Cus­tomer-spe­cif­ic cal­cu­la­tions and ana­lys­is func­tions
  • Ad­just­ments of plots

Do not hes­it­ate to in­form us about im­prove­ment re­com­mend­a­tions and sug­ges­tions - Thanks to the feed­back of our cus­tom­ers IfTA TrendView­er has be­come the user-friendly soft­ware it is today.