Sever­al IfTA Sys­tems - One Data Pool

Fleet Mon­it­or­ing with the IfTA FleetMon

If sev­er­al identic­al plants or ma­chines are in use, it is in­ter­est­ing to know wheth­er they all op­er­ate equally ef­fect­ively. Why does one ma­chine/sys­tem run more ef­fi­ciently than oth­ers? To an­swer these ques­tions and to view and com­pare all ma­chines/sys­tems sim­ul­tan­eously, we offer the IfTA FleetMon:

The basis for this is a data pool in which all in­form­a­tion is col­lec­ted and which can be ac­cessed from any­where. Pre­requis­ite for this is a cus­tom­er cloud en­vir­on­ment.

The IfTA FleetMon al­lows both a de­tailed in­di­vidu­al view and the eval­u­ation of the en­tire fleet. The op­er­at­or can re­ceive warn­ings based on pre-defined auto­mated rules, e.g. if the ef­fi­ciency of a plant/ma­chine falls below a limit value over a cer­tain peri­od of time. This al­lows the op­er­at­or to in­vest­ig­ate the prob­lem and in­ter­vene dir­ectly at the ma­chine/plant.

IfTA FleetMon
  • Meas­ure­ment
  • Mon­it­or­ing
  • Ana­lys­is
  • Pro­tec­tion
    • It makes sense when data from many IfTA sys­tems con­verge cent­rally, e.g. in a data cen­ter or in the cloud
    • A user in­ter­face al­lows the op­er­at­or to view the en­tire fleet (gas tur­bines, ma­chines, etc.) auto­mat­ic­ally
    • Pre­defined rules as a basis for threshold val­ues give the op­er­at­or warn­ing mes­sages
    • The visu­al­iz­a­tion and de­tailed ana­lys­is of the data is car­ried out via the ana­lys­is soft­ware IfTA TrendView­er

    What are the Ad­vant­ages of IfTA FleetMon?


    • Auto­mat­ic mon­it­or­ing and ana­lys­is of the data
    • The sys­tems/ma­chines be­come com­par­able and can be op­tim­ized
    • De­tailed in­di­vidu­al ob­ser­va­tion as well as as­sess­ment of the en­tire fleet at a cent­ral loc­a­tion
    • Ac­cess to the data from any­where at any time

    You Will Get

    • Sav­ing time and money - only when ne­ces­sary do people take a closer look
    • Cen­t­ral­ized work steps
    • Users can con­cen­trate on in­ter­est­ing top­ics

    En­ter­ing the Di­git­al Fu­ture

    We sup­ply the build­ing blocks you need for the di­git­al fu­ture. Data and its auto­mat­ic ana­lys­is are in­dis­pens­able.