The Center for Dy­nam­ic Data

St­or­age and dis­tri­bu­tion of data via IfTA DataHub

The IfTA DataHub soft­ware col­lects all data on a Win­dows based PC to archive, store and dis­trib­ute it on­line in a net­work for visu­al­iz­a­tion pur­poses. The sources of the data is not only the IfTA  Sig­nalMin­er with dy­nam­ic data, but also data from OPC, DataSock­et or other pro­pri­et­ary in­ter­faces that re­cord the op­er­at­ing con­di­tions of the ma­chine or en­vir­on­ment­al in­flu­ences. Mer­ging all these data al­lows the dy­nam­ic data to be viewed in a con­text. In ad­di­tion, com­pact over­view files are cre­ated by mer­ging data chro­no­lo­gic­ally and lo­gic­ally. Thus, it is pos­sible to provide a daily over­view of the ma­chine be­ha­vi­or, which re­quires only a few MB of data and is also eas­ily re­triev­able by re­mote ac­cess. The func­tions of stor­age, trig­ger­ing, fil­ter­ing and sum­mary can be freely para­met­rized.


Long-Term Data Re­cord­ing

If the IfTA DataHub runs on our data serv­er solu­tions, such as the IfTA SlotPC and the IfTA PanelPC this en­ables in­tel­li­gent long-term data re­cord­ing over months and years without the need for ad­di­tion­al ex­tern­al devices.

Long-term Ana­lys­is of Dy­nam­ic Meas­ure­ment and Oper­at­ing Data

Find­ing the needle in a hay­stack

The new DataHub soft­ware col­lects data from a wide range of sources and en­­­ables com­bined ana­lys­is. For ex­­ample, dy­­nam­ic meas­ure­­ment data of more than 100 GB/day from IfTA meas­ure­­ment sys­tems can be ana­­lyzed to­­geth­­er with op­er­­at­ing data. This data is stored 24/7 in ring buf­fers. The search for rel­ev­ant events in these large amounts of data cor­res­­ponds to the lit­er­­al search for the "needle in a hay­stack".

Here, the DataHub sup­­ports the user by cre­at­ing small, easy to handle over­­view files that allow a quick check and find­­ing an­­om­alies. In ad­di­­tion, the provided on­line con­­nec­­tion al­lows real-time in­­spec­­tion of all data streams and data stream­ing into the cloud.


1st Place for the IfTA DataHub

Present­a­tion of the messtec + sensor mas­ters award 2020

The IfTA DataHub soft­ware was awar­ded 1st place win­ner of the messtec + sensor mas­ters award 2020 on Septem­ber 22, 2020.

Dr. Jakob Her­mann, Gen­er­al Man­ager at IfTA, is par­tic­u­larly pleased about this award: "The DataHub soft­ware is the heart of our vi­bra­tion meas­ure­ment sys­tems. It col­lects dy­nam­ic meas­ure­ment and op­er­at­ing data from vari­ous sources and provides smart 24/7 long-term stor­age for later ana­lys­is. In 2016, our ana­lys­is and visu­al­iz­a­tion soft­ware TrendView­er was also awar­ded first place. To­geth­er, they are a power­ful soft­ware pack­age for the ef­fi­cient root cause ana­lys­is of vi­bra­tions in ma­chines and plants that has been "awar­ded" by the read­ers of MD-Auto­ma­tion.“


Data Ac­quis­i­­tion and An­a­lys­is: The Basis for In­­dustry 4.0

The ac­quis­i­­tion of data and the cor­res­­pond­ing ana­lys­is form the basis for In­­dustry 4.0. The data that is re­­quired de­pends on the spe­­ci­f­ic ap­plic­a­­tion, but the ob­ject­ive re­­mains the same: to col­lect as much valu­­able in­­­form­a­­tion as pos­s­ible and eval­­u­ate it mean­ing­­fully in order to im­ple­­ment im­­prove­­ments in the pro­­cess.


The bet­ter you know your ma­chines, the more op­­tim­­iz­a­­tions are pos­s­ible.

Products with In­teg­rated DataHub Soft­ware


The proven mon­it­or­ing & pro­tec­tion sys­tem for sta­tion­ary long-term use.


Dia­gnost­ic tool for high-speed ana­lys­is & in­tel­li­gent visu­al­iz­a­tion

AIC - Act­ive Damp­ing

The damp­ing for your com­bus­tion dy­nam­ics.