Cal­ib­ra­tion of your IfTA products

The cal­ib­ra­tion of your IfTA devices on a reg­u­lar basis al­ways guar­an­tees ac­cur­ate and re­li­able meas­ure­ment res­ults, which can be traced back ac­cord­ing to the ISO 17025 stand­ard. Based  on our qual­ity guidelines ac­cord­ing to the ISO 9001 stand­ard, we there­fore re­com­mend an an­nu­al cal­ib­ra­tion cycle.

Our products are being used in the field. There­fore, they can be ex­posed to un­pre­dict­able sources of dam­age and wear. In order to en­sure trace­ab­il­ity of all per­formed meas­ure­ments to a norm, our products have to be checked - and if re­quired re­ad­jus­ted - on a reg­u­lar basis. If we de­tect a de­fect dur­ing cal­ib­ra­tion, we will send you a cost es­tim­ate for the re­pair.

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