IfTA Trend is full of advantages: Multifunctional measurement-data analysis with intuitive handling and powerful visualization.

Online and offline analysis of your data are united in a single program. The ability to process large data sets is another strength.
New users immediately benefit from the intuitive graphical user interface. The software's productive method of operation allows you to focus on your core tasks, a benefit that our long-standing customers particularly appreciate.

Software for data analysis and visualization with multiple clients on the same data source and powerful plots


for Windows 7, 8 and 10

filter out relevant information out of big measurement data
Rule-based filtering of large amounts of data*

Time-based extraction of relevant data on the basis of freely definable rules.

Macro-based data analysis*

Automated creation of reports using predefined documents and layouts. Access to filter functionality allows handling of very large datasets.

Data analysis with GUI scripting, batch processing and automated report generation
Data analysis with FFT, correlations (i.e. transfer function), statistics, FIR and IIR signal filters
Integrated calculator for post-processing*

Allows in-depth analysis of existing data directly in IfTA Trend - without the inconvenient detour via third party software. The following packages are already available:

  • FFT
  • Correlations
  • Filter (FIR/IIR)
  • Statistics
  • Arithmetics
  • Export of RAWD data sources to *.WAV files
  • Hilbert Transformation
  • Peak in Band
  • Spectral DEMA
  • Calculation of polynoms up to 4th grade
Import and export of Matlab data*

Export data to Matlab for your own analysis and reimport them to benefit from the interactive visualization in IfTA Trend.

Data export and import allows easy data analysis in Matlab
64-bit data analysis and visualization software
64-bit extends memory usage

Complex calculations in postprocessing benefit from larger addressable memory.


*) fee-based add-on to regular licenses

Time Saving:

  • Drag & drop and flat menu structures
  • Smarter editor for document layout
  • Synchronous cursors in all plots
  • Intuitive setting of plot-characteristics, e.g. zoom level
  • Intelligent axis grouping
  • Data source explorer with intelligent filtering

Powerful Plots:

Trend Plot
Intensity Plot
Spectra Plot
Colorwheel Plot
XY-Intensity Plot
List Plot 
Polar Plot
LED Plot
Table Plot
Orbit Plot
Shaft Centerline Plot
Nyquist Plot
Bode Plot 

Availability of plots depends on license type

Other Highlights:

  • Relative time axis for comparing different periods of time (e.g. for several starting procedures) Two measurement cursors with delta calculation
  • Signal-dependent grid lines, e.g. grid line in the spectrum follows shaft speed
  • Frequency band monitoring
  • Scripts for automatic report generation

Big Data:

  • Fast processing of large amounts of measurement data (e.g. 10 GB) (hours/days/years)
  • Merging of several measurements
Data visualization plot selector

The intelligent plot selector allows for easy plot creation via drag & drop. Only signal-appropriate plots are offered. Details like this simplify the workflow especially for new users.

Measurement data source explorer

Quickly find any desired signal with the Data Source Explorer.

Data visualization time axis settings

Intuitive control over axis representation and the ability to group axes for efficiency.

frequency spectrum of measurement signal with adaptive grid lines

Adaptive gridlines follow i.e. the rotational speed signal and its harmonics. Thresholds can be defined for different frequency bands.

The spectrogram plot shows how the spectrum evolves over time

Spectra are calculated online on the measurement system itself. Therefore the intensity plot is updated live on the IfTA Trend client. IfTA Trend is based on a generic plot model. In the case of the intensity plot this means that you can map other data color coded over time besides spectra.