TrendView­er 5.3 Re­lease: New Data For­mats and Plot View

Fig. 1: Wid­gets with ex­am­ple data. You can see a ro­ta­tion­al speed sig­nal dis­played in a tachome­ter, elec­tri­cal power in a meter, tem­per­a­tures in a ther­mome­ter and the vol­u­met­ric mass den­si­ty in tanks.

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New Ver­sion TrendView­er 5.3: Pre­sen­ta­tion of the High­lights

The proven data anal­y­sis soft­ware IfTA TrendView­er for the ef­fi­cient anal­y­sis of big vi­bra­tion mea­sure­ment data gath­ered from ma­chines and plants, is re­leased in the new ver­sion 5.3. Here is a brief over­view about the high­lights of the new ver­sion:

  • New com­pat­i­ble data for­mats for anal­y­sis and vi­su­al­iza­tion in TrendView­er
    TrendView­er Ver­sion 5.3 can now read the file types Par­quet, Di­a­dem and DASYLab. Thus, e.g. mea­sure­ment data in these for­mats can be opened, an­a­lyzed and vi­su­al­ized in TrendView­er. We also added an op­tion to ex­port data in the DASYLab for­mat. Par­quet is a data for­mat used very wide­ly in big data ap­pli­ca­tions.
  • New wid­get plot to dis­play anal­y­sis and re­port­ing
    TrendView­er Ver­sion 5.3 of­fers a new wid­get plot to present speed, tem­per­a­tures or pres­sure data in an ap­peal­ing and clear style (Fig. 1). You can cre­ate this plot by drag­ging and drop­ping sig­nals into an empty plot area. We offer four dif­fer­ent wid­gets: speed gauge, ther­mome­ter, tank and meter. Mul­ti­ple sig­nals can be dis­played at the same time, e.g. mul­ti­ple tem­per­a­ture sig­nals. Ad­di­tion­al­ly, you can con­fig­ure thresh­olds for warn­ing and alarms, which are then also vi­su­al­ized .

In ad­di­tion, deep en­hance­ments have been made to the soft­ware that will be less no­tice­able to the user on the sur­face. How­ev­er, these are im­por­tant up­dates to en­sure fast, pre­cise and ef­fi­cient pro­cess­ing of large amounts of data in the long term.