Trace­able cal­ib­ra­tion of the IfTA ChargeSig­nalGen­er­at­or for qual­ity man­age­ment

The trace­able cal­ib­ra­tion of the IfTA charge sig­nal gen­er­at­or ac­cord­ing to DIN ISO 17025 al­lows its use in qual­ity man­age­ment.

With the mar­ket in­­tro­­duc­­tion of a trace­­able cal­ib­ra­­tion of the IfTA charge sig­n­al gen­er­­at­or to a na­­tion­al stand­ard ac­­cord­ing to DIN ISO 17025, it can now also be used for qual­ity man­age­­ment pro­­cesses. The IfTA ChargeSig­n­alGen­er­­at­or thus en­­­ables highest pre­­ci­­sion for mo­bile test­ing and cal­ib­ra­­tion of meas­ure­­ment chains in a handy format.