Soft­ware Release: Ef­fi­cient Evalu­ation and Ana­lys­is with IfTA TrendView­er

The proven eval­u­ation soft­ware Trend is being re­leased with new fea­tures under the name IfTA TrendView­er.

The proven eval­u­ation soft­ware IfTA Trend for ef­fi­cient ana­lys­is of very large vi­bra­tion meas­ure­ment data from ma­chines and in­dus­tri­al plants is being re­leased in the new ver­sion 5.0 under the new name IfTA TrendView­er and provides new func­tions for even more ef­fi­ciency and user-friend­li­ness:

  • The dis­play is now multi-screen cap­able.
  • In the field of rotor dy­nam­ics, any num­ber of sig­nals can be com­pared with­in a plot, e.g. Bode­plot or Nyquist­plot. As a res­ult, the user can dir­ectly com­pare wheth­er, for ex­ample, ma­chine op­tim­iz­a­tions lead to the de­sired suc­cess.
  • Color dis­tinc­tions of the sig­nals de­pend­ing on the op­er­at­ing point provide even more clar­ity in the ana­lys­is of com­plex data.
  • The pop­u­lar fil­ter-based sig­nal se­lec­tion and fast plot gen­er­a­tion with suit­able dia­gram sug­ges­tions have been fur­ther de­veloped and lead to an even sim­pli­fied and ac­cel­er­ated work­flow for data ana­lys­is.

The fa­mil­i­ar in­tu­it­ive op­er­a­tion, op­tion­ally via drag&drop or MS-Of­fice known short­cuts, re­mains un­changed.