Re­mote ser­vice en­sures pro­ductiv­ity even from the home of­fice

Re­mote mon­it­or­ing and dia­gnos­is of ma­chine data proves to be of ad­vant­age in times of COVID-19.

In times of crisis, one is forced to re­duce one­self to the es­sen­tials and some­times to take new paths - but this can also open up un­ex­pec­ted op­por­tun­it­ies. This works all the bet­ter the less cata­stroph­ic the crisis can be for you: are you just about to ex­tin­guish fires - and thus react - or do you have room to be pro­act­ive?

We from IfTA GmbH sup­port you in fur­ther cre­at­ing these spaces for your­self and thus being able to plan your fu­ture pro­duct­ively. The fact that IfTA sys­tems have been de­signed for re­mote work­ing and main­ten­ance for years now proves more than ever to be be­ne­fi­cial in times of COVID-19: Our sys­tems can be ad­min­istered quickly, virus-proof and eas­ily by re­mote ac­cess, and mon­it­or­ing and dia­gnos­is of ma­chine.  


Util­ise free ca­pa­cit­ies: Why it is worth in­vest­ing in an IfTA sys­tem now

Use the cur­rently avail­able time pro­duct­ively and think about the fu­ture now. For your in­spir­a­tion here are three unique selling points of our sys­tems:

  •   Never miss an event with our con­tinu­ous 24/7 data ac­quis­i­tion and stor­age.
  •   Our mod­u­lar sys­tems can be eas­ily ad­ap­ted to chan­ging re­quire­ments.
  •   The flex­ibly as­signable sig­nal in­puts en­able a lean meas­ure­ment chain and thus avoid er­rors.

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