New Tem­per­at­ure Meas­ure­ment Card, Gal­van­ic­ally Isol­ated, 4 Chan­nels for Thermo Ele­ments

IfTA input mod­ule TI4 for meas­ure­ment, re­cord­ing and mon­it­or­ing of tem­per­at­ures on ma­chines using thermo ele­ments / res­ist­ance ther­mo­met­ers

The new IfTA TI4 input mod­ule provides pre­cise and low-noise tem­per­at­ure meas­ure­ments with a wide range of sensors. The mod­ule with 4 in­di­vidu­ally gal­van­ic­ally isol­ated in­puts en­ables meas­ure­ment, re­cord­ing and mon­it­or­ing of tem­per­at­ures on ma­chines and their ana­lys­is along with the sim­ul­tan­eously meas­ured vi­bra­tion sig­nals.

Tech­nic­al High­lights:

  • Tem­per­­at­ure meas­ure­­ment by thermo ele­­ments or res­ist­ance ther­­­mo­­met­ers
  • 4 ana­­log in­­puts
  • Samp­ling rate of up to 5 Hz
  • Gal­van­ic isol­a­­tion per chan­nel
  • Sup­por­ted tem­per­at­ure sensors:
    • Thermo ele­­ments (type B, E, J, K, N, S, R, T) with pre­­cise cold jun­c­­tion com­pens­a­­tion per chan­nel and dif­fer­en­tial meas­ure­ment
    • Res­ist­ance ther­­­mo­­met­ers (RTDs) in 2-, 3-, or 4-wire meas­ure­­ments
    • Ther­­mis­t­ors

Ad­vant­ages of the tem­per­­at­ure INPUT card:

  • Easy meas­ure­­ment of di­f­fer­­ent tem­per­­at­ure sensors with only one meas­ure­­ment card
  • The in­­teg­rated cold jun­c­­tion com­pens­a­­tion al­lows an easy and pre­­cise meas­ure­­ment with thermal ele­­ments
  • Thanks to the 3- or 4-wire meas­ure­­ment in com­bin­a­­tion with the built-in com­pens­a­­tion, the TI4 en­­sures re­li­­able meas­ure­­ments also when meas­ur­ing with res­ist­ance ther­­­mo­­met­ers over long lines
  • Sup­­pres­­sion of mains hum

More in­form­a­tion and Tech­nic­al Data

Back­ground know­ledge tem­per­at­ure

The right sensor se­lec­tion