New Isol­a­tion Am­pli­fi­er with ad­justable IEPE feed and gal­van­ic isol­a­tion

The isol­a­tion amplfi­er IfTA GIA-IEPE is ideal in com­bin­a­tion with IEPE sensors and IEPE charge amp­li­fi­ers.

The IfTA GIA-IEPE (Gal­van­ic­ally Isol­ated Am­pli­fi­er) is an isol­a­tion amp­li­fi­er with ad­justable IEPE feed and gal­van­ic isol­a­tion. For every­day use, this means high trans­mis­sion qual­ity of the sig­nal even over long dis­tances, safety thanks to gal­van­ic isol­a­tion, and time sav­ings thanks to a lean meas­ure­ment chain that is less prone to er­rors.

The IfTA GIA-IEPE is ideal for use with IEPE sensors as well as for ret­ro­fit­ting meas­ure­ment chains if the ex­ist­ing meas­ure­ment sys­tem does not offer IEPE feed­ing. IEPE is an in­dustry stand­ard also known as ICP, CCLD, Iso­tron, Deltatron, or Piezo­tron. The mod­ule can be com­bined with both sensors and charge amp­li­fi­ers that re­quire IEPE sup­ply. At the same time, the clean gal­van­ic isol­a­tion avoids dam­age and noise.


High­lights of the GIA isol­a­tion amp­li­fi­er:

  • Gal­van­ic isol­a­tion between input and out­put side and to the sup­ply re­gion
  • Ad­justable IEPE sup­ply, 4 mA, 8 mA, 12 mA
  • Voltage and cur­rent out­put
  • In­teg­rated in­dic­a­tion sig­nal­ing wheth­er the input is short-cir­cuited or open: Sig­nals er­rors at the voltage and cur­rent out­put, as well as op­tic­ally via status LEDs, if ne­ces­sary
  • An ad­di­tion­al DC off­set can be ac­tiv­ated at the voltage and cur­rent out­put in order to com­mu­nic­ate to the meas­ure­ment sys­tem that the meas­ure­ment chain is in op­er­a­tion
  • Ex­cel­lent EMC char­ac­ter­ist­ics
  • Suit­able for long cable lengths of up to sev­er­al hun­dred meters
  • Ideal for use with IEPE sensors and IEPE charge amp­li­fi­ers
  • Com­pat­ible with stand­ard meas­ure­ment tech­no­logy and all IfTA meas­ure­ment sys­tems