New Dy­nam­ic Input Card with Volt­age and IEPE sup­ply

The IfTA input mod­ule AD4PS to mea­sure volt­ages and cur­rent sig­nals with gal­van­ic iso­la­tion as well as switch­able IEPE sup­ply and volt­age source on each chan­nel.

The AD4PS is a new input mod­ule to mea­sure volt­ages and cur­rent sig­nals. In ad­di­­tion the new card of­fers gal­van­ic iso­la­tion as well as a switch­able IEPE sup­­ply and volt­age source on each chan­nel. Thus, ac­­tive sen­­sors and other mea­­sure­­ment chain com­po­­nents such as iso­la­­tion am­­pli­­fiers can be run di­rec­t­­ly. Espe­­cial­­ly when there are large dis­­­tances be­tween the con­trol room and the mea­­sur­ing site, gal­­van­ic iso­la­­tion is re­quired. With the IEPE sup­­ply, a 2-wire line is suf­­fi­­cient for the power sup­­ply, since the sup­­ply and the sig­­nal are led over the same line. Espe­­cial­­ly in ap­­pli­­ca­­tions with large num­bers of mea­­sur­ing sites, IEPE enor­­mous­­ly sim­­pli­­fies the in­­stal­la­­tion ef­­fort and mea­­sure­­ment setup. Thanks to the flex­i­ble push-in con­nec­­tors, in­­stal­la­­tion ca­bles can be laid di­rec­t­­ly with­­out the need for time-con­­sum­ing con­nec­­tor as­sem­bly.



  • Mo­d­ule with 4 syn­chro­­nous ana­log in­­puts
  • 102.4 kHz sam­­pling rate with 24-bit res­o­lu­­tion for fast and pre­­cise sig­­nal ac­qui­si­­tion
  • Mea­­sure volt­age and cur­rent di­rec­t­­ly
  • In­di­vid­u­al­­ly gal­­van­i­­cal­­ly iso­lat­ed in­­puts
  • Per chan­nel switch­able IEPE power sup­­ply of 4, 8 or 12 mA.  IEPE is an in­­­dus­try stan­­dard also known as: ICP©, CCLD©, IsoTron©, DeltaTron© or Piezotron©
  • Per chan­nel switch­able volt­age source e.g. for sen­­sors. In­di­vid­u­al­­ly se­cured and ad­justable to 5, 12 or 24 V and op­­tion­al­­ly in­­vert­i­ble

Ad­­van­­tages of the AD4PS input card

  • Ideal com­bi­­na­­tion of mea­­sure­­ment and power sup­­ply card
  • Pow­er­­ful ad­justable IEPE source
  • Suitable sup­­ply unit for IfTA charge am­­pli­­fi­er and ac­­tive sen­­sors and iso­la­­tion am­­pli­­fiers
  • Lean mea­­sure­­ment chain

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