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IfTA is an in­nov­at­ive and in­ter­na­tion­ally act­ive com­pany. Here you will find our latest in­nov­a­tions and news about IfTA.

The nom­in­ees of the messtec + sensor mas­ters Award are fixed: IfTA's laser ta­cho­met­er LMM2 for exact meas­ure­ment of tor­sion­al vi­bra­tions is at start!

The isol­a­tion amplfi­er IfTA GIA-IEPE is ideal in com­bin­a­tion with IEPE sensors and IEPE charge amp­li­fi­ers.

The IfTA input mod­ule AD16 for ac­quis­i­tion and mon­it­or­ing of op­er­at­ing data and other slowly chan­ging sig­nals such as power, flow rate, ro­ta­tion­al...

IfTA input mod­ule TI4 for meas­ure­ment, re­cord­ing and mon­it­or­ing of tem­per­at­ures on ma­chines using thermo ele­ments / res­ist­ance ther­mo­met­ers

New ver­sion TrendView­er 5.2.0: What IfTA TrendView­er users can look for­ward to!

Present­a­tion of the messtec + sensor mas­ters Award at the con­fer­ence: 1st Place for the IfTA DataHub

The port­able meas­ure­ment & ana­lys­is sys­tem IfTA Dyn­aGo was hon­oured with the Red Dot Award for ous­tand­ing design qual­ity!

The trace­able cal­ib­ra­tion of the IfTA charge sig­nal gen­er­at­or ac­cord­ing to DIN ISO 17025 al­lows its use in qual­ity man­age­ment.

Re­mote mon­it­or­ing and dia­gnos­is of ma­chine data proves to be of ad­vant­age in times of COVID-19.

Up­com­ing Shows and Events

As an in­ter­na­tion­ally act­ive com­pany, we are rep­res­en­ted both at in­dustry events and per­son­nel fairs. We in­vite you to visit us at our booth at one of the fol­low­ing events:

Messtec + Sensor Masters 2017

Septem­ber 28 - 29, 2021 | Mo­tor­world Stut­tgart | Ger­many | Booth No. 1A,

Meet us per­son­ally at the Trade Fair for Meas­ure­ment & Sensor Tech­no­logy

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