Legal Notices and Terms

In­form­a­tion provided ac­cord­ing to Sec. 5 Ger­man Tele­media Act (TMG):

IfTA Sys­tems GmbH
Junkersstrasse 8
D-82178 Puch­heim

Re­p­res­en­ted by:

Dr.-Ing. Jakob Her­mann


Tele­phone: +49 89 8392719-0
Tele­fax: +49 89 8392719-11
E-mail: info@re­ 

Re­gister entry:

Entry in the Han­dels­reg­ister.
Re­gis­ter­ing court: Amts­gericht München
Re­gis­tra­tion num­ber: HRB 218 799


VAT Id num­ber ac­cord­ing to Sec. 27 a Ger­man Value Added Tax Act:
DE 301 854 079

In­form­a­tion con­cern­ing pro­fes­sion­al in­dem­nity in­sur­ance:

Name and res­id­ence of in­surer:
Al­lianz Ver­sicher­ungs AG
10900 Ber­lin

Scope of in­sur­ance: Deutsch­land

Re­spons­ible for con­tents acc. to Sec. 55, para. 2 Ger­man Feder­al Broad­cast­ing Agree­ment (RstV):

Dr.-Ing. Jakob Her­mann
IfTA Sys­tems GmbH
Junker­strasse 8
D-82178 Puch­heim

Dis­pute res­ol­u­tion

The European Com­mis­sion provides a plat­form for on­line dis­pute res­ol­u­tion (OS):­sumers/odr.
Please find our email in the im­print.

We do not take part in on­line dis­pute res­ol­u­tions at con­sumer ar­bit­ra­tion boards.

Li­ab­il­ity for Con­tents

As ser­vice pro­viders, we are li­able for own con­tents of these web­sites ac­cord­ing to Sec. 7, para­graph 1 Ger­man Tele­media Act (TMG). However, ac­cord­ing to Sec. 8 to 10 Ger­man Tele­media Act (TMG), ser­vice pro­viders are not ob­lig­ated to per­man­ently mon­it­or sub­mit­ted or stored in­form­a­tion or to search for evid­ences that in­dic­ate il­leg­al activ­it­ies.

Legal ob­lig­a­tions to re­mov­ing in­form­a­tion or to block­ing the use of in­form­a­tion re­main un­chal­lenged. In this case, li­ab­il­ity is only pos­sible at the time of know­ledge about a spe­cif­ic vi­ol­a­tion of law. Il­leg­al con­tents will be re­moved im­me­di­ately at the time we get know­ledge of them.

Li­ab­il­ity for Links

Our offer in­cludes links to ex­tern­al third party web­sites. We have no in­flu­ence on the con­tents of those web­sites, there­fore we can­not guar­an­tee for those con­tents. Pro­viders or ad­min­is­trat­ors of linked web­sites are al­ways re­spons­ible for their own con­tents.

The linked web­sites had been checked for pos­sible vi­ol­a­tions of law at the time of the es­tab­lish­ment of the link. Il­leg­al con­tents were not de­tec­ted at the time of the link­ing. A per­man­ent mon­it­or­ing of the con­tents of linked web­sites can­not be im­posed without reas­on­able in­dic­a­tions that there has been a vi­ol­a­tion of law. Il­leg­al links will be re­moved im­me­di­ately at the time we get know­ledge of them.


Con­tents and com­pil­a­tions pub­lished on these web­sites by the pro­viders are sub­ject to Ger­man copy­right laws. Re­pro­duc­tion, edit­ing, dis­tri­bu­tion as well as the use of any kind out­side the scope of the copy­right law re­quire a writ­ten per­mis­sion of the au­thor or ori­gin­at­or. Down­loads and cop­ies of these web­sites are per­mit­ted for private use only.
The com­mer­cial use of our con­tents without per­mis­sion of the ori­gin­at­or is pro­hib­ited.

Copy­right laws of third parties are re­spec­ted as long as the con­tents on these web­sites do not ori­gin­ate from the pro­vider. Con­tri­bu­tions of third parties on this site are in­dic­ated as such. However, if you no­tice any vi­ol­a­tions of copy­right law, please in­form us. Such con­tents will be re­moved im­me­di­ately.