Vibra­tion-Prone Be­ha­vi­or on the Test Bench

Ana­lyz­ing Com­pon­ents

Meas­ure­ments on test benches play an im­port­ant role in test­ing under vari­ous con­di­tions, wheth­er nor­mal op­er­a­tion, con­tinu­ous op­er­a­tion or bor­der­line cases. Since al­most every sys­tem can be put to the test, test benches exist in a vari­ety of shapes and sizes. Al­ways per­fectly ad­ap­ted to the re­spect­ive task. With the help of the know­ledge gained, weak­nesses or ir­reg­u­lar­it­ies in the com­pon­ents are un­covered and form the basis for sub­sequent im­prove­ments.
A well-co­ordin­ated meas­ure­ment and ana­lys­is tech­no­logy is there­fore of ut­most im­port­ance for good res­ults on the test bench.

Cus­tom-Made Meas­ure­ment Tech­no­logy

For the fol­low­ing test bench types we can provide our ex­pert­ise

Ana­lyz­ing Vibra­tions on Test Benches

IfTA Dyn­aMaster

With the IfTA Dyn­aMaster, we offer a sys­tem solu­tion that is per­fectly suited for use on test benches. The dia­gnost­ic tool IfTA Dyn­aMaster for high-speed ana­lyses & in­tel­li­gent visu­al­iz­a­tion mas­ters the high de­mands on meas­ure­ment tech­no­logy that are ne­ces­sary for use on test benches.