Vibra­tion­al Be­ha­vi­or of Engines on the Test Bench

Op­tim­iz­ing en­gine longev­ity and fuel con­sump­tion

Des­pite the latest pos­sib­il­it­ies to sim­u­late and test the op­er­at­ing be­ha­vi­or of en­gines using com­puter tech­no­logy meth­ods (e.g. the fi­nite ele­ment meth­od), en­gine test benches make a de­cis­ive con­tri­bu­tion to en­gine de­vel­op­ment. Espe­cially in fol­low-up tests, be­ha­vi­or an­om­alies of the en­gine com­pon­ents can be dir­ectly iden­ti­fied and in­ter­preted. The pre­ven­tion of acous­tic vi­bra­tions and ro­ta­tion­al vi­bra­tions are the key words in this con­text. The res­ults ob­tained serve as the basis for ad­apt­ing the design para­met­ers of the en­gine com­pon­ents and as­sem­blies in order to op­tim­ize factors such as dur­ab­il­ity, fuel con­sump­tion and pol­lut­ant emis­sions. In test runs over long peri­ods high de­mands are placed on pre­cise meas­ure­ment and ana­lys­is tech­no­logy.

Pre­cise Ana­lys­is of Vibra­tion Condi­tions

Chal­lenges on en­gine test benches

Per­form­ing test series is costly and time-con­sum­ing. For this reas­on, the ques­tion of cost-ef­fect­ive­ness is all the more im­port­ant. Mean­ing­ful res­ults from high-res­ol­u­tion meas­ure­ment data are es­sen­tial. The main chal­lenges to be faced are the com­plex ana­lys­is of tor­sion­al vi­bra­tions on the one hand and the hand­ling of the large data sets gen­er­ated in the test series on the other. Rota­tion­al or tor­sion­al vi­bra­tions occur due to the acyc­lic­al force trans­mis­sion of the pis­ton move­ment into the crank­shaft and in­flu­ence the op­er­at­ing be­ha­vi­or of all down­stream ele­ments.

Un­com­prom­ising Meas­ure­ment and Ana­lys­is Tech­no­logy

Our Solu­tion

A meas­ure­ment and ana­lys­is sys­tem that can ana­lyze high-res­ol­u­tion in­form­a­tion quickly and un­com­prom­isingly.

The IfTA sys­tems, in com­bin­a­tion with the AT2 input mod­ule and the ana­lys­is soft­ware IfTA TrendView­er, offer the op­tim­um solu­tion without com­prom­ise, es­pe­cially for the high de­mands of en­gine test benches on meas­ure­ment and ana­lys­is sys­tems. High-res­ol­u­tion angle-re­lated eval­u­ations of tor­sion­al and tor­sion­al vi­bra­tions in real time are pos­sible. The pro­cessing of large amounts of data is also no prob­lem. Be­cause on the basis of con­tinu­ous data stor­age, no high-res­ol­u­tion raw data is lost and at the same time a high level of clar­ity is main­tained by sum­mar­ized data.

Re­com­men­ded Products

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Flex­ible and fast timer mod­ule with two ana­log in­puts.


Pro­tec­tion sys­tem with dia­gnost­ic and mon­it­or­ing func­tion­al­ity.


Dia­gnost­ic tool for high-speed ana­lys­is & in­tel­li­gent visu­al­iz­a­tion.


Fast & in­­tu­it­ive on­line/off­line ana­lys­is soft­ware for ef­fi­­cient visu­al­­iz­a­­tion.