The generic solution for dynamic phenomena

The IfTA OMDS has been developed especially for the monitoring and vibration analysis of the following components:

  • Combustors
  • Rotors
  • Compressors
  • Blades
  • Gear boxes / Bearings
  • Motors

It is predestined for small and large stationary gas turbines, steam turbine generator sets and other components used in the industry and in power plants. Thanks to the optimal coordination of hardware and software, the IfTA OMDS is easy to operate. Dynamic data and operating data are recorded simultaneously. This assures an uncomplicated assignment of the vibration to the appropriate operating points. Consequently, the cause can be easily clarified in context. Continuous and efficient data recording enables unforeseen events to be evaluated at a later point in time: A further advantage when identifying causes and finding solutions. The IfTA OMDS also offers simultaneous online visualization of all data on several client PCs.

IfTA OMDS up close

IfTA OMDS is based on a modular hardware and software architecture. This flexibility assures the matching of measurement, analysis and monitoring to various types of machines and customer specific applications. With its diverse communication interfaces, IfTA OMDS offers effortless integration into existing control systems. This allows for automatic processing of monitoring variables in the machine's control system. Critical operating conditions are avoided and important para­meters are signalized in the control room.

Real-time capability with digital signal processor IfTA DSP

Our IfTA OMDS System is based on a digital signal processor for signal analysis. Contrary to the Windows based IfTA DynaMaster it allows for the deterministic runtime of commands as needed in the industrial environment for real-time capable machine protection systems.
Optimized algorithms minimize analysis time.
The IfTA DSP already provides a multitude of precalculated data for our software IfTA Trend which is used for visualization of the data on client PCs. The most important example being the spectra with up to 6400 lines calculated live per channel.


Integration in automation environments with our IfTA Profibus module

With the IfTA Profibus Module the IfTA OMDS is easily integrated into fieldbus environments. A high level of availability is guaranteed by two redundant bus interfaces.

A variety of other input cards allows the integration of different kinds of data. Dynamic signals can be received by our AD4 and AD4Pro cards. The AD32 with 32 input channels is available for slower signals.
Machine protection can be realized with our output cards IfTA RelOut16 and IfTA DA8. The ladder can also be used to transfer measured signals to other systems as buffered outputs.

IfTA Profibus




4 fast synchronous, analog inputs (voltage, current and optional IEPE); Sample rates up to 51.2 kHz

IfTA DigIn16

IfTA DigIn16

16 digital inputs; Sample rates up to 50 Hz



4 fast synchronous, analog FleXense inputs (voltage, current, IEPE, charge, strain gauge, Kulite); Sample rates up to 51.2 kHz



32 analogue inputs for slower processes; Sample rates up to 50 Hz




8 fast synchronous, analog outputs (voltage / current); Outputs rates up to 51.2 kHz


IfTA RelOut16

16 digital outputs; Output rates up to 50 Hz

Multi functional measurement data analysis with IfTA Trend

IfTA Trend is full of advantages: multifunctional measurement-data analysis with intuitive operability and powerful visualization. Online and off-line analysis of your data are united in a single program. The ability to process large data sets is another strength. This software is an integral part of IfTA DynaMaster.
New users immediately benefit from the intuitive graphical user interface. The software's productive method of operation allows you to focus on your core tasks, a benefit that our long-standing customers particularly appreciate.

> Learn more about our data analysis software IfTA Trend

IfTA Trend: Datenvisualisierung und Analyse