Our new PreCursor for combustion dynamics is an early warning system for gas turbines to prevent damage, particularly for annular combustion chambers.

So far protection systems are based on detection of growing combustion dynamics. Until the gas turbine controller reacts, damaging combustion dynamics may occur over extended time periods. On the other hand, the new model-based IfTA PreCursor identifies decreasing stability directly, that is, before any significant oscillation appears. This means a considerable improvement in machine protection: With the IfTA PreCursor gas turbines can run in a most stable, clean and efficient way even over a wide load range.

The new PreCursor by Ifta allows early detection of developing instabilities before amplitude become noticably higher

Key Advantages:

Detect instabilities earlier

Detect flame instabilities before amplitudes grow and other protection systems react.

Prevent damages

React early, before the actual risk of damage and prevent shut downs and the need for repair.

Save costs

Reduce costs for maintenance, repair and shut downs due to improved machine reliability.

The PreCursor is available as a software module of the IfTA ArgusOMDS Monitoring and Protection System.

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