IfTA ChargeAmp, the new in-line charge amplifier sets new standards for applications with piezo sensors in high temperature environments. With differential input and special compensation of pyroelectric effects it delivers optimal signal quality.


Ifta introduces the compact DynaMaster vibration measurement system for the analysis of dynamic processes and vibrations. It is a perfect solution for test rigs or mobile measurements.



Siemens deploys IfTA Argus OMDS with new AD4 Pro measurement card in its Clean Energy Center (CEC) in Ludwigsfelde near Berlin. It is used to analyze dynamic phenomena in the combustion process of stationary gas turbines. Besides highly flexible measurement inputs (FleXense technology) the very capable data analysis software was the deciding factor for the system.



The redundantly-implemented IfTA Argus OMDS generation 3.0 becomes the standard combustion protection system for the SGTx-8000H. The compact model, which is of the usual high quality, offers affordable protection for gas turbines.



Successful completion of the EU research project “Limousine”: New models improve the prediction of combustion instabilities. In addition, IfTA develops methods for improving the active control intervention for combustion instabilities.


Introduction of IfTA Trend: In comparison to competitors' products, new customers confirm that through the quick and intuitive application of our innovative software, they have reduced their workload from days to hours.



Successful active surge control of a high pressure compressor is achieved through joint research by IfTA and MTU: If necessary, an active shift of the surge line is possible. This know-how allows a more flexible and efficient operation of compressors.


Launch of IfTA Argus OMDS generation 3.0: The reliability, performance, maintainability and durability of all components was further increased. Due to its enormous storage capacity and increased power, new applications had to be developed.



IfTA Argus OMDS runs on the largest and most efficient gas turbine in the world, Siemens SGT5-8000H in Irsching, Germany. In just nine months, we therefore implemented a PROFIBUS connection and a redundant system with higher resolution and more channels.



IfTA Argus OMDS generation 2.0, which communicates combustion analysis results to the control system in real time, achieves the optimized operation and safety of gas turbines.



The first IfTA Argus OMDS for monitoring and online tuning of a heavy duty gas turbine is delivered. The simultaneous recording of dynamic and operating data combined with long-term storage and online and offline visualization and analysis has been an integral part of our product portfolio ever since. These successful features ensure its presence worldwide.


Delivery of the first series IfTA AIC (active instability control) for productive use on a Siemens SGTx-4000F gas turbine.



The first successful application of active combustion instability control on a heavy duty gas turbine at the test facility at Siemens AG Berlin lays the cornerstone for the company's foundation. IfTA has been operating as a private company ever since.